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11 Field Ambulance Reunion

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COL John Taske Honorary Colonel (Qld)
MAJ John Smith 11 Field Ambulance Rep
WO1 Tim Stanley 11 Field Ambulance Rep
MAJ John Straskye Webmaster RAAMC Assn



As Honorary Colonel of the RAAMC in Queensland, I have been asked by the Surgeon General to review/revive the Queensland Branch of the RAAMC Association, which has been inactive for some time now.
I view the Association as providing a vital link in the passage of information and the airing of issues between all Corps members - be they serving or retired - and the Surgeon General or Head of Corps.

To this end, I intend forming a committee to perform this task. The Committee will be comprised of Representatives from all Units and Unit Associations in the Queensland area. The RSM of 2 HSB will, in his role as soldiers’ representative, represent all members serving in Units other than Medical eg. The Infantry Battalions etc.

I emphasize that the RAAMC Association will not in any way interfere with the excellent Unit Associations that exist here in Queensland. Having, in the past, been a member of 2 FD AMB, 11 FD AMB & 1 Aust Fd Hosp I fully understand that a soldier’s loyalty is firstly to the Unit he is serving/has served with. On the contrary, the RAAMC Association will do its best to foster unit loyalties as it is only when these are strong, that the Association as a whole will prosper.
Neither will there be any annual subsidies or levies on Association Members. The costs of running the Association should be small and funds will be found other than by levying members.

At this stage, the Association intends keeping in touch with its members, mainly through their Unit Representatives on the Committee but l also via emails, a website and an Association magazine with items of interest to all.
I therefore urge all serving and Ex- RAAMC Members, whether they are associated with a Medical Corps Unit or not, to register as a Member of the Association. There is no financial cost and the more members we have, the stronger will be our voice when talking to our Head of Corps or Canberra in general, when we want information or have any issues to discuss.

John Taske
Honorary Colonel, Queensland.