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Australian Bravery Association Foundation

The vision for the Foundation is to support the families, particularly children, of posthumous and Totally & Permanently Disabled (TPD) recipients of bravery awards.  It is anticipated that the Foundation will eventually provide assistance to families in the following manner;

  • Education Grants at the following levels; pre-school, primary & secondary school to assist with tuition, books, uniform and other related costs such as field trips, school camp etc.
  • Tertiary education grants to the level of Bachelors Degree, or alternatively, Apprenticeship grants.
  • A ‘Tertiary Scholarship’ to be awarded annually, it is separate to the grant in that it carries a $5000 allowance & must be applied for in writing by the legatee.
  • Social Events to legatees such as Easter & Christmas Dinner/lunches and remote area functions.
  • Annual childrens camp.
  • Annual overseas hiking tour and Kokoda Trail walk to develop social skills and personal confidence.

It is anticipated that financial support for these initiatives will be raised through the following fundraising activities;

  • Charity Dinner and Balls
  • Raffles
  • Payroll deduction
  • Major sponsors
  • Donations & bequests
  • Charity golf days etc.

The ABA Foundation will not be confined to those persons in receipt of awards under the National Honours System only.  It is envisaged that the Foundation will assist the families of Posthumous and TPD awardees under kindred recognised systems such as, Royal Humane Society of New South Wales, State Police, Fire, Ambulance & Corrective Services and the State Emergency Services.

It is worth noting that there is currently no organisation/initiative that looks to the welfare or support of members of civilian posthumous awardees.  Significantly, one of the youngest of these awardees was only thirteen years old at the time of his death.  Apart from some local community support at or close to these very sad events, there is no thought given to the ongoing support of those left behind.  We are hopeful of addressing this somewhat through the establishment of the Foundation.

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