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Army combat badge
Army Combat Badge

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Infantry Combat Badge

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The Army Combat Badge

The Army Combat Badge (ACB) is awarded to any member of the Australian Defence Force in exceptional circumstances, for service in warlike operations or situations. This award does not replace the Infantry Combat Badge (ICB).

The purpose of the ACB is to recognise any member of the Army who was force assigned to an infantry, armour, artillery, aviation or combat engineer based combat team/battle group, or similar unit/sub-unit, and who has served for a specified period of time on warlike operations. In exceptional circumstances, service on operations whilst serving in other than warlike activities, such as peacekeeping operations, or for units outside those designated above, may be recognised with the award of the ACB.

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Australian Defence Medal

Australian Defence Medal

The Australian Defence Medal recognises Australian Defence Force personnel who served after 3 September 1945 and have completed either:

an initial enlistment period, or four years of efficient service,
whichever is the lesser.

Included are former Defence Force members who did not complete the qualifying period because they:

died in service, were medically discharged and the impairment was compensable at the time of discharge, or
left the service due to a Defence workplace policy of the time. (For example, in the past a woman was required to resign on marriage.)

World War II veterans are not eligible for the Australian Defence Medal unless they were demobilised and then re-enlisted after 3 September 1945 in another scheme such as the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces and then met the above criteria. Click here to Visit the ADF Honours and Awards Site to download an application form.

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Anniversary of National Service Medal

The Anniversary of National Service 1951-1972 Medal

The Anniversary of National Service 1951-1972 Medal (ANSM) was introduced in 2002 to recognise those who completed their obligation under the two National Service schemes that had operated in Australia between 1951 and 1972. Eligibility for the medal is dependent upon a person's obligation to serve and upon this obligation being fulfilled under the National Service Act 1951 (As Amended), as it applied to the individual at the time of his service. Additionally, he must not have been discharged for disciplinary reasons. No women were conscripted under the National Service Act. Click here to Visit the ADF Honours and Awards Site to download an application form.

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Learn about Australian Defence Force Medals and their policy for wearing them. Click here to visit the ADF Honours and Awards Site. Click here to view frequently asked questions in relation to medals.

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Dress Manual

Need to know about what goes where on your uniform.
Click here to view the Army Dress Manual.

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Order of Australia

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