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3d Australian Bravery AssoicationABN 69 283 023 920

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Aims and Objectives


To maximise the support available to those members in our community who conduct themselves bravely to save life, property or the environment and thereby experience physical, emotional or other personal hardship.


To uphold the high principles and prestige of the Australian Bravery / Gallantry and the former Imperial Bravery / Gallantry Decorations system.

To afford focus and means for members of the Association to conduct commemorative or other functions from time to time.

To encourage continuing meritorious appointments of the Gallantry / Bravery Decorations system.

To encourage awareness in the Australian community of the Australian Bravery / Gallantry Decorations system and its history.

To promote good citizenship by example and service.

To do such lawful things as would further these objectives.

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It is a well recognised fact that in earning their awards, members will have been subjected to enormous physical and or emotional stresses and as a result may suffer in varying degrees from some form of psychological damage.

With this in mind the Australian Bravery Association has appointed an Honorary Chaplain who, in addition to his principal professional qualifications, is trained in trauma consulting.

Members may contact him for advice and support:

One of our members, Pamela Davidson BM, is a qualified professional counsellor who has been appointed as the Associations Honorary PTSD Counsellor. Initial contact to reach Pamela by telephone is 0422 238 641 or email her:

Royce Thompson

The VenerableDr Royce Thompson.
Ph: 0416 265 600


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All applications for membership should be on the approved form and are reviewed and approved by the Associations Committee. There are four classes of membership:


For nominated persons who have given exceptional and meritorious service to the Association.
Current Life Members:

Mrs Hedonna THURGER and
Jim Runham SC OAM JP.


Bravery and Gallantry recipients or their nominated next of Kin in the case of a Posthumous Award under the Australian or former Imperial Decorations System. This extends to gallantry and Bravery Awards made by Law Enforcement / Corrective Service / Emergency Services / Fire / Ambulance / and Philanthropic Organisations.

May be awarded, on nomination, to those persons who are able to, or have rendered significant or meritorious service to the Association or Australia.

Current Honorary Members:

Mr Warwick Cary ESM
Mr Jon Stanhope CBC MLA,
Mr Keith Payne VC OAM,
Mr Darrell Tree CV,
Mr Tim Britten CV,
Mr Allan Sparkes CV,
Mr Victor Boscoe CV, and
TPR Mark Gregor Donaldson VC.


On application, family member(s) of an Ordinary member.

Associate membership also extended to those persons who possess special attributes and who can enhance the Association.

A member may elect to become a Life subscriber. A maximum number of one hundred subscribers are allowed, on payment of a once only fee of $250.00


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Membership Fees are due "Annually" and by "Calendar Year".

Membership $25.00
Honorary membership to all Australian Level 1 recipients. (Gratis)


Membership $25.00
Renewal of Ordinary membership $25.00 or 5 years $50.00


Membership $15.00
Renewal of Associate membership $15.00 or 5 years $50.00

Life Subscriber

Life Subscription $250.00
Once only fee. A maximum number of one hundred subscribers are allowed.

Financial Hardship

Concession is available upon request in writing to the 'National President' for consideration by the 'National Executive'.
Age Exemption
Eligible members over 70 years of age are not required to pay the annual renewal after having paid the initial appropriate subscription
Lapel Pin All "New" Members Receive a "Certificate of Membership" and a "Lapel Pin"

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The Australian Bravery Association Incorporated

(ABN 69 283 023 920)

is a Registered Charity and

Donations Over $2 are Tax Deductible.


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