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Welcome to the Australian Bravery Association Newspage. If you have an item of news you wish to share with members please forward them to the webmaster. Photos should be described and those featured should be identified. We look forward to hearing from you. Links may take you away from this site and those sites have been traditionally safe. However, care should be taken always ensure that your anti-virus protection is up-to-date.

Newsletter May 2009
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Queensland Report

Would you squeeze your way into a shoulder-width, pitch-dark stormwater drain to rescue a kid as it flooded? Would you knowingly cop a 20,000 volt electric shock to save a friend and his child? Would you swim out from the beach to rescue a man bitten by a five-metre white pointer, while the shark is still circling him? Would you run into the carnage of a burning Bali nightclub to save people when anyone who can still walk is running the other way? Click here to read more about the book "Brave" by Mark Whittaker.

Gold Coast Qld Bravery dinner

August 20th – Currumbin RSL – (dates coincide with the famous Broadbeach Jazz Festival so make a weekend of it.). Details to follow. To register your interest – email Sally on

Click here to download an invitation

National ABA Rally
Feb 10-13th (TBC) Canberra pencil it in your diary now. More details as they come to hand.

JUNE 8th,9th 10th 2012 – including Civic Reception, and much more. For more information contact Coralee on 03 5024 1917 or by email at

35 Queenslanders awarded bravery medals: More

Click Here to dowload the Australian Honours Medal Chart

The Story of the Mean Mexican - Tango Mike
Click here to hear view the Video of a real hero: Tango Mike Mike 



Click here to view the 16TH National Civilian Bravery Awards 2009 Sri Lanka