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The Queen Mother's Banner

Queen Mother

The Queen Mother's Banner

In 1972, COL Peter Kay, QBE, ED, suggested that the RAAMC should, in the steps of the R AA, seek a Royal Banner to commemorate the centenary of medical service to the Australian Permanent Forces. (1871-1971).

Late in 1872 the then DGMS, MAJGEN C.M. Gurner. CBE, ED, called at Clarence House in London and discussed with the Private Secretary to our Colonel-In-Chief, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, the request for a Royal Banner. The Queen Mothers Secretary said that the Queen Mother would be delighted to present such a Banner and indicated that she hoped to present it herself on her next visit to Australia.

The Banner was designed by COL Kaye and Mr Eric Garrett. The design was approved by the Military Board, Defence Department, Prime Ministers Department, the Governor General and finally by the Queen Mother. The Commonwealth Clothing Factory then made the Banner.

The Queen Mother regretted that because of a pending visit to Australia by the Queen and Prince. Phillip .she would not be able to present the Banner, but she asked Prince Phillip to present the Banner on her behalf.

On 28 February 1971 His Royal Highness. Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, presented the Queen Mother's Banner to the RAAMC in the private drawing room at Government House Canberra. The Banner was received by the then DGMS MAJGEN C.M. Gurner, CBE, ED, in the presence of MAJGEN A.L. McDonald CB, OBE, VCGS, BRIG J.T. Dunn, MBE, DDGMS (ARA), COL P. Kaye, OBE, ED. DDGMS (CMF) and BRIG J.G. Glyn White, CBE, ED, Representative Honorary Colonel RAAMC.

Prince Phillip

His Royal Highness expressed regret that time had not permitted him to present the Banner at a parade at which many more people, particularly members of the Corps could have been present.

The Queen Mother's Banner was consecrated, blessed and dedicated at a Ceremonial Parade at the School of Army Health, Healesville on 12 October 1974.

The Queen Mother's Banner is held by the Army Logistic Training Centre, Bandiana.

The RAAMC Banner Belt was issued to the RAAMC on 1 October 1993. Up until that time the RAAMC had not been issued a Banner Belt nor had it purchased one.

The RAAMC Banner Belt was made by George Lilley Regalia of Melbourne. It is worn by RAAMC Banner Ensigns when carrying the Queen Mothers Banner. It is now held at the Army Logistic Training Centre, Bandiana.

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The RAAMC Banner Belt

BBanner Belt

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The King's Banner

Kings Banner

The King's Banner was presented to the Australian Army Medical Corps by His Majesty King Edward VII in recognition of the service rendered by the Corps in the South African Campaign. The Banner was consecrated and presented at a Royal Review in Melbourne on 14 November 1904. In recognition of the number of medical personnel from NSW who served in South Africa, an AAMC Detachment. from NSW was sent to Melbourne to receive it. The Banner was taken to Victoria Barracks in Sydney and was held there until 1929 when it was sent to Army HQ Melbourne.

On 16 December 1931 a ceremony was carried out at the Medical Society Hall in East Melbourne and the Banner was presented to the Victorian Branch of the British Medical Association. The presentation was conducted by the then DGMS MAJGEN G.W. Barber, OBE. CMG, DSO, VD.

In 1934 the Banner was returned to Sydney and lodged for safe keeping in the Hall of the British Medical Association of NSW. In 1953 the then DGMS MAJGEN F. Kingsley Norris, CE. CBE, DSO, ED, QHP commissioned the Commonwealth Clothing Factory to make a replica of the King's Banner.

The original King's Banner was laid up at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra on 9 March 1956.

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The Queen Mother's Sword
Queen Mother's Sword

On 1 March 1958, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother presented a ceremonial sword to the RAAMC with the following statement.

As the Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Army Medical Corps and the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps, it gives me great pleasure to present you one of the original Royal Medical Corps swords to mark the close ties which exist between the two Corps.

The sword was accepted on behalf of the Corps by the then DGMS, MAJGEN W.D. Refshauge. The sword dates back to the late 1800s.

Since the presentation of the sword, it has been known as "The Queen Mother's Sword".

The Queen Mother's Sword is worn with slung equipment by RAAMC RSMs on Ceremonial Parades when the Queen Mother's Banner is paraded.

It is housed in the Army Logistic Sergeants' Mess at the Army Logistic Training Centre, Bandiana.

Sword Presentation to Refshaugie
MAJGEN Refshauge the DGMS accepting the sowrd from H.M. the Queen Mother
at a function in Melbourne's Government House in 1958



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