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This page has audio, video and music for those old enough to have lived through the Vietnam War era. Please note that many downloads in particular those from You Tube will not download to corporate internet connections (including the Australian Department of Defence).

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This page is dedicated to a retrospective RAAMC and also includes some items of interest.

Radio Broadcast summarizing the history of the Network
Narrated by Army Specialist Scott Manning
this 27 minute sound and music history includes the sounds
of two bomb attacks on the station while it was on the air.
recording sent by Doug Jennings. Click here to listen.

Listen to all the AFVN Jingles including Venerial Disease, Snakes and Contraband. Click Here.

Listen to the AFVN Intros and public service Announcements. Click here

Listen or dowload shows including the "Dawn Buster"
Click here

Free RealPlayer

Freedom Radio

Viet Cong Flag 


The Adventures of Chickenman

How Chickenman Chose his Costue
Chickenman Meets the Commissioner

Iconic Songs

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

No Man's Land

We Are Open

The top 100 songs from the
golden years of popular music -
plus more of our musical heritage.

The Charlie Daniels Band - Still in Saigon
Found at bee mp3 search engine

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Baria Today

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Nui Dat Today

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Dustoff Chopper
click here to hear the chopper fly
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Videos of Interest

Click here to visit the RAAMC Cinema to what Corps related Videos
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