Warrant Officer Class One Angel de Santa-ana
Regimental Sergeant Major
Army School of Health

WarRSMrant Officer de Santa-ana enlisted into the Australian Regular Army on the 18th April 1984. Warrant Officer de Santa-ana was allocated to the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps (RAAMC) and undertook his initial employment training at Healesville.

Following completion of the Medical Assistant training, Warrant Officer de Santa-ana was posted to DSU – Oakey. In 1986 he undertook his Pathology Technician course and on completion was posted to the 1st Military Hospital, as a Pathology Technician. Warrant Officer de Santa-ana served in various units during the earlier stages of his career: Army Malaria Research Unit, 1st Field Hospital, Queensland University of Technology for two years, where he completed his Associate Diploma of Clinical Techniques, 3rd Brigade Administrative Support Battalion, Lavarack Barracks Medical Centre, and 4th Preventive Medicine Company.

In 1997 Warrant Officer de Santa-ana successfully completed the Recruit Instructor Selection Course at the 1st Recruit Training Battalion (1 RTB) and was subsequently posted to 1RTB. He served as a Platoon Sergeant and then as the Field Team Sergeant at the Army Recruit Training Centre. During his posting, he was awarded a Training Command Commendation and had the honour of being in the RAAMC Colour Party for the Queen Mother's 100th Birthday Celebrations at a tribute in London in July 2000.

Warrant Officer de Santa-ana was posted on promotion to Warrant Class Two to the 5th Combat Service Support Battalion. During this posting, he deployed on OP BELSI. In 2004, he was posted as the Company Sergeant Major, Health Company at the 1st Combat Service Support Battalion. In 2006, he was posted to Land Warfare Centre, Warrant Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer Wing as an Instructor.

Warrant Officer de Santa-ana assumed his first appointment as the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) of the 3rd Health Support Battalion in January 2007. Warrant Officer de Santa-ana assumed his current appointment as RSM Army School of Health and the Corps RSM Royal Australian Army Medical Corps, in January 2009.

Warrant Officer de Santa-ana is married to Jodie and they have two children.